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Rebecca Cosgrove

Hello, my name is Becca and I am the manager of Twizzle Tops Marsh Farm. I hold a BA Degree in Early Years, a certificate in safeguarding and a qualification focussing on children’s mental health. I have managed the team here at Marsh Farm for 2 years but I have 9 years experience working with children in nurseries at all levels from apprentice right up to where I am today. I love working with all of the age groups from the tiny babies who needs lots of love, attention and cuddles right up to the older children getting ready to leave for school. I enjoy watching every single child going on their learning adventure and watching their story develop into tiny human beings with their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and opinions. 

My vision is to make every child and their families smile on a daily basis. I am passionate about making children’s early experiences memorable and something to share, giving them a caring and nurturing environment, focussing on their achievements and celebrating this as a Twizzle Tops Family. I aim to achieve this by creating a happy working atmosphere for a team who is as passionate as I am in getting it right from the start with the children that we look after. My favourite activities here are dancing, messy activities and cooking, giving the children new experiences that they may not had had before.

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