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Covid-19 Statement

Sending a child to nursery can be daunting at the best of times, but especially during a pandemic.

We understand that the Governments decision to keep early years settings open, but close schools, has left many questioning if it is safe, and whether to delay starting their early years journey. 

We want to reassure parents that Early Years settings are safe and hope that the information below will put you at ease. 

Why haven’t they closed the nurseries?

  • Early Years settings remain low risk environments for children and staff. 0-5 year olds continue to have the lowest confirmed rates of coronavirus of all age groups, and there is no evidence that the new variant of coronavirus affects young children.
  • Early Years settings were one of the first sectors to have restrictions lifted, and since reopening on 1st June 2020 there is no evidence that the sector has contributed to the rise in virus cases
  • The earliest years are the most crucial point of a child’s development and attending early years education gives them the foundations needed to develop these essential skills. Therefore it is a priority to keep early years settings open to support the benefits to children’s education and wellbeing.

What have you done to make the nursery safe?

  • Hygiene, cleanliness and safety has always been paramount at all of our Twizzle Tops settings. On top of our usual routine, we have followed the Government issued guidance, carried out risk assessments, and introduced new procedures including temperature checks on arrival, socially distanced que system for drop off and pick up and PPE equipment for staff. Some changes are site specific, so please get in touch with your setting manager for greater detail on the changes. 

Can I still have a nursery show round?

  • We are able to provide a virtual tour for all of our settings, however we know a decision as big as this, it may not be enough to just see us through a screen. Please speak to the manager of the setting you are interested in viewing to see if they can facilitate a covid safe physical show round.

Twizzle Tops are here to support you through the decision making, so please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to discuss your child’s journey in greater detail. 

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