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Our Hedgehog Family
Wembley Twizzle Tops Nursery

Our hedgehog family

Mama and papa hedgehog came to visit us at nursery and tell us all about how they prepare for the Autumn hibernation.

They showed us all of the yummy beetles, bugs, snails and slugs that they like to eat before they take their long nap under the cosy logs and leaves.

When mama and papa hedgehog go to sleep they curl into little fluffy balls but this is only during the day because they are nocturnal and stay up all night looking at the beautiful things the night time brings.

It’ll be a long 5 month before they all wake up again in the Springtime and when the sun comes out to wake them up and play with us! 

When mama and papa hedgehog are in hibernation they must not be disturbed because they do not hibernate unless they have a nest and so we make sure not to remove the logs and leaves in our nursery garden until Spring time and then we might be lucky and spot a few of them playing around in our garden.

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