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Meet our little swimmers
Wembley Twizzle Tops Nursery

OUr new fish at Wembley Twizzle Tops

Our newest additions at Wembley

Meet the newest additions to our Twizzle Tops Wembley Team, ‘Ben, Julien and Ali’. There’s also Shrimpy, the shrimp who’s a little shy and lazy

Our children have loved getting to know these new characters, and have found out that our little fishes are great listeners when we have a lot to say! 

Our friend Veer says, ‘I’m the spotty fish, Ali’. All of the others are my friends. Oh look, look it’s a fish swimming!’’ They are having a great time with their friends just like us.

As you can already see, our new friends encourage our little ones to express themselves in a thoughtful way, being mindful to use our indoor voices and use kind hands.

We take good care of our fishy friends every day! We feed them, keep their home clean and change their water so that they can stay with us for a very long time. We look after them just like our teachers do for us!

Why don’t you come and visit our friends too? And most importantly what would you like to say to them?  

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