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“Learnous Batandy”
Wembley Twizzle Tops Nursery

Halloween Messy Play

Once upon a full moon in the dark Twizzle Tower, lived a witch with spells full of power.

She had purple hair and a pointy nose and a cackle so loud it could curl your toes!She lived by the forest with her best friends, the bats who all lived to copy her ways, her spells and her witch hats. The bats were like her babies as she raised them from young. She taught them to study, follow good manners and to take turns like every good mum. 

They sometimes faught her on the subject as all little bats do. They just wanted to play all day and make mischief too. So that’s when her spells came in most handy and she cast the words, “Learnous Batandy, 5 golden rules and manners in place” and the little bats sat on the tree and smiled at her proud face.

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