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Twizzle Tops and Wat Tyler
Basildon Twizzle Tops Nursery

Here at the wonderful new site, we have built a fantastic relationship with the Wat Tyler manager, Julie Graham.

Julie helps us keep safe when using the park, Julie and her team are very aware of the Twizzle Tops children and always offer an extra pair of eyes and support when they see us out and about exploring the local countryside. Julie also tests the fire alarm at the Green Centre with us occasionally, so when she walks into the rooms the children all call her name like she’s part of the team!

Recently, when the pre-schoolers went for a walk they saw the team fixing the walkways and we stopped to watch them. The maintenance team spoke to the children about what they were doing, which really engaged the children. The team are always happy to stop and talk to the children about the maintenance they do around the park, encouraging the children to learn about the park. There is also the marina where the children thoroughly love seeing the boats, often on our walk there the marina team will come out and wave to the children on their walks.

Both the Twizzle Tops and Wat Tyler teams have worked together on ensuring the children’s walks around the park are first and foremost, safe, and informative. Therefore the areas the children are visiting encourages and helps them explore more about nature and the environment.

The rapport and relationship we have built with the Wat Tyler team is great for Twizzle Tops, as we know we can always call upon the Wat Tyler team if anything was to arise. Thank you for everything you do for us, here at Wat Tyler Twizzle Tops.

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