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Tuff Trays at Wembley
Wembley Twizzle Tops Nursery

At Twizzle Tops Wembley we have created some amazing tuff trays for our children this month.

The question is why do we make tuff trays such a huge part of our invitations to play?

The answer is long but interesting! Learning through play is an amazing early years approach, and in order for our learning to be fun and engaging, we use tuff trays. These amazing trays put a solid foundation to contained play for our children. It helps them to explore with fewer boundaries, and discover their learning intent independently and enables them to foster their creativity and imagination at the same time.

Our large tuff trays encourage group play whilst allowing multiple children to use resources within the tray. This in turn helps children build friendships, take turns and negotiate space. Early years teachers can use these trays as an amazing resource to help children grasp important learning factors relating to all seven areas of learning.  

Many of our tuff trays are filled with amazing invitations to play with lots of open-ended resources, heuristic play objects, natural resources, art material and messy play resources such as sand, water, gloop etc. To say that our children spend a long time touching, feeling, manipulating resources is an understatement as they absolutely love these at our nursery! The curiosity and enthusiasm created within our rooms as we introduce a tray is a pure example of how successful these are for us!

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