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School Readiness at Wat Tyler
Basildon Twizzle Tops Nursery

It is coming to the end of July which means some of our pre-schoolers will be leaving us.  They have been preparing at Twizzle Tops for “big school” with the Pre-School team as part of our School Readiness programme. 

This is a successful programme to ensure a smooth transition to school between Twizzle Tops, parents/carers and the new schools.  The Pre School staff are matching each individual child to the EYFS framework and the children are all doing so well at meeting each target within the framework. This enables the teachers at the new school to learn more about the children before they arrive.  

Some children have been fortunate enough to have settling in sessions within their new schools, and they have been so excited to tell us all about it when they come back to nursery.  It is a great opportunity for the children that they are able to visit their new schools as we believe they should have the chance to ease themselves into their new settings to calm any nerves and to meet their new teachers. 

We have been talking about moving to big school with our children as well, such as reading books about going to big school (see picture).  We’re also practising our phonics so our children have a basic understanding when they start school.  

We have our upcoming Prom in the Park event to celebrate the graduation of our pre-schoolers.  We have been taking some very cute photos of the children in their graduation caps and gowns, which has made them even more excited for Prom in the Park (spoiler alert – see picture!).  Prom in the Park is a great opportunity for parents/carers, Nans, Grandads and extended family to see the children graduate from what has been a very challenging Pre-School year due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  It also gives the Twizzle Tops staff an opportunity to say goodbye to the children they have taught and nurtured through the last two years.  

We are very proud of our 2021 Pre-School leavers, and we wish you all the best of luck for your futures

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