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Friday 6 August saw a very exciting evening for Twizzle Tops Wat Tyler Park, it was our pre-schoolers graduation! 

Held outside in the grounds of the Green Centre we kicked off the evening with some entertainment from one of the staff, Nikki!  Children (and adults!) participated in dancing games and all-round fun.  Face glitter was applied to the staff, children and adults too!

When it came to the ceremony, the children were so excited to walk through the tinsel covered doors to meet their keyworker to be handed their certificate and a small gift. There were smiles all around as children posed proudly for their parents/guardians and as their guests looked on.   With Frankie introducing each child and talking a bit about each of them, it really showed how much each child means to Twizzle Tops.  Frankie was able to describe their personalities and what they are renowned for at Twizzle Tops.  

After the ceremony it was time for some party food.  Catered by the amazing staff at Marsh Farm, it was a hit with the children and guests.  Soon after it was time for a surprise for the children, confetti cannons! Every child was jumping up and down with laughter as streams of colourful confetti fell down amongst them.  It was a sight to behold.  

The staff were very honoured to be read a poem by one of the children’s parents, expressing their thanks for all Twizzle Tops have done for all of the children.    

To end the party everyone participated in the largest Hokey Cokey dance we have ever had at Wat Tyler! 

Well Done Class of 2021!

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