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New Adventures for Twizzle Tops Marsh Farm
South Woodham Twizzle Tops Nursery

We are so excited to have expanded and created a brand new Baby Barn for our 0-2 year olds.

Following on from a busy year at Twizzle Tops Marsh Farm we have expanded to create a whole new space for our 0-2 year olds, meaning that our 2-3s and 3-5s each have their own space to explore.
Our babies have settled in really well to their new home and are enjoying exploring the room, new resources and outdoor environment. From playing peekaboo in our new mirrors to exploring the home corner and reading stories in our new snuggle pods the children have so much to do to fill up their days.

Our toddlers have also moved into a new space. This has been specifically designed for our 2-3 year olds to explore and be curious learners about the new toys that they have. One of their very favourites is our new farm yard set where they enjoying playing with the wooden animals before taking them out to explore the real animals on the farm.
Our pre-schoolers are loving their new teaching and learning zone. From our ready for school club to exploring writing and number skills as well as role playing and building there is plenty to keep all of our pre-schoolers busy!

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