Children's Page

We here at Twizzle Tops take pride if providing excellent childcare and education to children.

Our settings are designed to provide you children with quality childcare through:

· With large play areas

· Varirity of toys suitable for all the ages

· All complete with modern indoor equipment

· Stimulating and sensory including messy play and outdoor visits.

At Twizzle Tops not only do we focus on the education elements but also creating a magical day of learning through play for all the children in our care. We are continuously developing new ways to encourage and promote development this includes a range of range of extracurricular activities


Indoor Soft Play Time

Active happy and confident

All the children have access to large indoor door soft play areas designed to promote physical development and learning through play.

Learning about the community

Nuture and nature

As part of their daily activities the children are taken on visit to local landmarks, areas of nature as well as areas of interest such a local shops and supermarkets where they learn about the local community.


Creative Play

The best way to learn

We always promote creativity and imagination. This is achieve through carefully designed areas within the nursery such as construction play such as building blocks, to help children develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness and problem solving. As well as role play, den building and group activities to help build the children’s imagination and coordination.

Parties & Prom

Time to boogie

To promote social interaction as well as allow you and your families a insight into the children’s time at nursery we hold a annual Christmas party.


Graduation Day

Watch you child Graduate

Before the children take the step to go to big school they leave Twizzle Tops following a graduation ceremony where families and children celebrate their time at the nursery.