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At Twizzle Tops we are passionate about supporting children who have a disability. 

We currently have two deaf children at Wat Tyler who require communication support and Shelley is the British Sign Language Communication Support Worker here at Twizzle Tops nursery. 

Shelley works with the children and the staff to ensure communication flows smoothly with no barriers.  

Twizzle Tops have adapted their routine for the Deaf children, for example they turn the light on and off so they know when it is tidy up time, lunch/tea time etc.  This helps the other children in the nursery as well because it has become part of their routine too and they know what it means.  

When Shelley is working with the children she ensures they are included in all aspects of nursery.  For sing song time Shelley often has the Deaf children holding the speakers to feel the vibrations of the music as well as signing to them what is being sung.  Other children with different disabilities within the nursery find this really useful too.  

The staff at Twizzle Tops are actively learning the basic signs to communicate with the Deaf children, such as food, drink and toilet. 

All of the children in the nursery learn from Shelley how to communicate with deaf people as well as learning how to get the deaf children’s attention by tapping them on the shoulder and pointing to games etc. When the deaf children play with their hearing peers Shelley sits with them and communicates for all the children playing.

This makes for an inclusive and positive environment for all the children at Twizzle Tops.

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