Beach Fun at Ipswich - Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries
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Beach Fun at Ipswich
Ipswich Twizzle Tops Nursery

What fun we have had celebrating the glorious hot weather! From our baby Twizzle Toppers to our eldest we have had beach and sand activities galore. Making sandcastles, dressing up in hula skirts and garlands, mark marking in the sand, throwing catch with the beach balls and so much more.

We love these large scale activities not only are they amazing and exciting for our children to fully immerse themselves they also allow a whole extra dimension to their play. For example with the sensory play opportunities feeling the sand between their toes, developing their physical skills whilst making sandcastles, prompting discussions about their past experiences for example when they visited the beach with family or conversations on keeping ourselves safe using suncream.

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